Striving to provide elitist Chartered Physiotherapy care to the masses

Catalyst Physiotherapy, a friendly Chartered Physiotherapy service with vast experience in musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, post operative management, neurological rehabilitation and respiratory care.

Catalyst Physiotherapy does not only focus on the sport specific injuries, we accommodate all individuals. Our Physiotherapists have vast experience in working towards achieving all levels of patient goals, from aiding a patient achieve optimum pain free sporting performance, to walking pain free without aids. 

At Catalyst Physiotherapy we apply current evidence based practice, manual therapy, functional rehabilitation and sport specific rehabilitation, therefore Catalyst Physiotherapy will get the you back to where you want to be! 

Here at Catalyst Physiotherapy, we work closely with local GP's and consultants to ensure the highest level of care is always achieved.


Catalyst Physiotherapy Limited was established in June 2015. All Physiotherapists at Catalyst Physiotherapy are highly experienced and provide a one-to-one, hands-on treatment approach benefiting from experience in elite sporting arenas and private practice.


The Team

All Physiotherapists at Catalyst Physiotherapy deliver a detailed assessment on each new patient in order to provide a correct clinical diagnosis and ensure specific treatment to each individual’s needs can be administered. We are all chartered and state registered with a comprehensive range of experience and specialist expertise in conditions ranging from back and neck pain, to sports and repetitive strain injuries.