The one, the only, lower back pain... Good grief!

So, it's time to turn our attention to items slightly more Physio! 

Lower back pain, where do we start! Lower back pain is certainly a hot topic in the current world of healthcare professionals, because of the difficulty and unpredictability that lower back pain can sometimes cause.

There are many different types of back pain, with varying primary causes. But the one we are going to briefly look into today is the back pain symptoms that we in the clinic see day to day, normally caused from a sudden increase in activity.... In this case running!

As aforementioned, there are numerous reasons for why we experience back pain, therefore I'm not going to get in to the nuts and bolts, as it can become confusing, and somewhat misguiding! But what I will say is that the problems arise when you notice postural descrepencys, poor technique and in come cases, increased anxiety.

So the symptoms, the symptoms vary from a deep, numbing toothache, to a sharp sudden acute pain. Both of these symptoms tend to suggest different pathology, but in most cases are treated in a similar fashion. If you start to experience bladder and bowel issues or numbness in your private regions, it is vital you seek urgent medical attention.

Things you can do at home:

=>Core exercises
=>Try to complete regular low impact exercise.
=>Apply heat as often as you feel necessary. I tend to recommend a hot water bottle, as deep heat can lead to skin irritation.

Do I need a scan? In most cases, NO! Many studies have proven that there is no correlation between back pain and what is shown on a scan of the spine. Many people have disc bulges and degeneration yet experience no pain, therefore, it is relatively very normal.

What will we do in Physiotherapy? The team at Catalyst Physiotherapy use a combined approach, while keeping up to date with the most evidence based and current research to date. This involves spinal mobilisations, manipulation, massage, core exercises and a gradual return to activities.

Does this sound familiar? If so contact one of the team for further advice!