Medial tibial stress syndrome, or as we all know, SHIN SPLINTS

Medial tibial stress syndrone, or MTSS is a pathology that is presented as pain down the front of the shinbone, otherwise known as the tibia. The reason we experience pain along here is due to inflammation of the periosteum, this being connective tissue covering the surface of the tibia.

MTSS is associated with a multitude of factors, such as:

> ‘Flat’ feet or over pronation .
> A recent change in footwear.
> Training in poorly supportive footwear.
> Increased body weight.
> Changing your normal training environment, for example from cross-country running to road running. 
> An increase in training frequency and intensity.

MTSS is normally associated with an initial dull ache, followed by a more sharp and acute pain if activity isn’t ceased. It is vital to not run through the pain, as this will just increase the body response to inflame the area.

Your GP or Physiotherapist can normally diagnose MTSS with a good subjective and physical examination. In some cases we will use ultrasound scans to confirm a diagnosis.

Management of MTSS consists of modifying the activities that lead to inflammation of the periosteum. This is normally a combined approach of soft tissue massage, altering biomechanics, strength training vital areas, foot correction, strapping/taping and a gradual assisted return to activity. An estimated time for getting back to activity can range from 3-8 weeks dependent on the severity.

What can you do at home?
==> Purchase supportive trainers as recommended by your Physiotherapist
==> Ice regularly 
==> Anti-inflammatory medication
==> Stretching of your gastrocnemius and soleus
==> Avoid high impact activity such as running.

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