Leigh Halfpenny and why he won't be at the WORLD CUP

Leigh Halfpenny, Wales Rugby international and kingpin of the Wales rugby world cup campaign. So why won't he be attending this years huge event? On September the 5th, Fairpenny ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament, as detailed in the image below. 

So what does this mean for Halfpenny?

ACL injury mechanism

Halfpenny will undergo a surgical procedure, which will consist of a small section of his hamstring tendon being removed, and sutured to replace his anterior cruciate ligament. Once this has been completed, Halfpenny will be partaking in 6-8 months of intense Physiotherapy rehabilitation. 

The primary goal of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation is to get the knee functional normally, and in most cases, stronger than prior the incident. 

Speaking on behalf of Catalyst Physiotherapy, We wish Leigh the best of luck on his Rehabilitation journey!